UL Control Panels

Control & communications equipment is our core business. We bring systems together in industries spanning: transportation, waste water, solar, automation, defense, packaging, and many more.

What are UL Certified Control Panels?

UL is a standard body creating standards and tests to convey quality and safety certifications (primarily) the North American market but recognized globally. By certifying a panel to a specific UL standard, it conveys that a panel complies to a variety of rigorous tests or requirements.

Litus proudly holds several certifications and complies with many more global organizational standards and is constantly adding more to its portfolio. The following seven certifications are commonly maintained in the industry:

  • UL 508A: UL certification for control panels intended for general industrial use.
  • UL 1203: Certification for control panels in hazardous locations.
  • UL 698A: Certification for intrinsically safe control panels.
  • UL 1741: Certification for inverters and inverter connected equipment.
  • UL 414: Certification for energy metering and connected equipment.
  • ISO 9001: ISO standard for quality and quality management systems.
  • DFARS/NIST 800-171: NIST cybersecurity standard for information systems.
Building Custom Control Panels

Our Process

Build a Relationship

Our first step in building control equipment is building relationships. Litus maintains strong relationships with distributors, partners, and customers providing a wide portfolio to potential clients. Our philosophy on transparency gives our customers the ability to react and adapt to the evolving controls landscape.

Designing Control Panels

We design custom industrial control panels. When we design control cabinets we focus on providing a safe and usable product. With our history of supporting field technicians; we know how important usability is. Our cabinets use the latest products providing all of our customers a modern, safe, and superior UL listed control panel.

Building & Testing

Quality and repeatability is a challenge in the industry that Litus has no trouble tackling. Through our system we maintain records on building in our MRP and database, pictures, testing & documentation, and all of these records are retained forever in our server. All production is executed with automated equipment providing consistent and reliable controls for the lifespan of the product.

Deliver Exceptionally

Litus is praised on our ability to communicate and deliver exceptional product. Our ability to maintain and document our processes gives our customers a channel to ensure that their requirements are always met.

Control Panel Industry

Our Core Industries


Automation for transportation is expected to grow 14% annually for the next 6 years. Our team supports port automation systems by providing control boxes for light systems, camera systems, and gate systems providing faster port access to drivers and improved control for port operating companies.

Water & Waste Water

We build equipment for one of the most vital systems in the country: moving water. Pump and transportation systems that move water demand high quality components and equipment. Our panels go through strict quality and functionality tests prior to delivery. These tests insure critical infrastructure receives only the highest quality control panels.


Building UL listed control panels for automation, a dynamic and agile field, gives our team an edge. We use automation to build automation. Litus has a fully automated wire processing cell that includes: cutting, stripping, crimping, and labeling. The work cell gives our team the agility and flexibility required in automation without compromising speed and quality.

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