Ship-to-shore our modernization services provides both USN and civilian systems with upgrade paths to bring old, archaic, systems to new, modernized, functionality.

What is Modernization?

Fleet modernization is the process of the ripout of old legacy equipment and the installation of new, modern systems. Modernization efforts span hundreds of different programs with the shared goal of providing the fleet with access to simplified hardware, systems, training, and ultimately improve fleet readiness. With the rapid evolution of technology these programs serve as conduits to maintain the latest technology in various functions of the Armed Forces. Some of the key programs Litus has participated in are:

  • Common Submarine Radio Room (CSRR)
  • Consolidated Afloat Network Enterprise (CANES)
  • Automated Digital Network System (ADNS)
  • Network Integration Engineering Facility (NEIF)
  • Propulsion Plant Local Area Network (PPLAN)


Building Systems for the US Navy

“Our team has provided support to many prime Navy contractors across the US. We have provided mechanical and electrical equipment to support modernization efforts. Our equipment provides the Navy with the reliable product that they need to continue to protect and serve our country…”

– Robert D. Kirkpatrick, Director of Operations

Modernization Services

What is our Role?

Litus is a subcontractor to a wide array of Navy prime contractors. Our team provides mechanical, electrical, and kitting support to primes allowing their integration teams to focus on installation, integration, and software. We build systems and assemblies including: server racking hardware, power distribution units, switching, and GPS amplifier units. Kits or complete units are then shipped with clear labels providing easy installation in integration.

Our team provides a critical service giving our customers the ability to run lean, become more agile, and ultimately provide better support to the US Navy fleet.

Looking for Modernization Support?

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